Powered Parachute Flight Training
by Paul Whybrew
Certified Flight Instructor

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Fortville , IN 46040

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  Certified Flight Instructor Paul Whybrew
Certified Flight Instructor Paul Whybrew
  Training by Paul Whybrew  

Virtually all PPC experience starts with an introductory flight in a two-seat PPC trainer.
Introductory flights are typically scheduled in advance with a confirmation phone call the day before. The most enjoyable flights are normally early morning or the last couple of hours of daylight when winds are more often calm.

For those pursuing skills and training to become safe Powered Parachute pilots, a personalized training plan can be created to meet your needs. It may take as little as 3 to 6 hours of dual flight training to add a PPC rating to a current license or to pilot a single-seat ‘103’ PPC. A minimum of ten hours of dual flight training is part of the requirement for obtaining a PPC Sport Pilot license. Appropriate ground school can be scheduled as ‘on-site’ or a combination of ‘home-schooling’ and ‘on-site’ which can drastically reduce the cost of the education one needs to be both safe and legal.

Continued education and training is available to help a certified pilot stay current. Flight reviews and refresher/safety sessions are available to meet the requirements to keep pilot privileges from expiring and to help with flying within one’s comfort zone.

Note that aircraft rental for solo flight is NOT provided due to cost and liability.

*2011 FEES:

$100. A 30-minute Introductory Flight. The greatest gift for yourself or for someone wishing to become ‘bird-like’ in flight. This can be logged in a student-pilot logbook to count toward the 10 hours of dual flight training required for obtaining a Sport Pilot license. Introductory Flight Gift Certificates are available and can be purchased in advance for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, or just the best ‘special’ gift ever.

$180. This is the hourly rate for dual flight training. Dual flight training is defined as flight time in a legal trainer in which the instructor and the student both have access to flight controls. This includes all equipment and fuel required for the flight training.

$50. Ground school hourly rate. If it’s a training session and we’re not flying and ‘on the clock’, then it’s considered ground instruction.

$175. Student-pilot kit. Includes logbook, manuals, books, supplies required for preparation of Sport Pilot PPC Knowledge Exam, and Practical Test Prep materials.

Travel expenses. A mobile office provides the ability to take the training on the road. Unstable oil prices dictate that travel expenses be determined at the time a training session is scheduled off-site, taking several factors into consideration such as; distance, time of year, and prospective student training hours to be contracted. A minimum per diem would be required in the event that weather or other uncontrollable events prevent instruction. Arrangements will be negotiated on an individual basis.

*Fees are subject to change without notice.



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