Powered Parachute Flight Training
by Paul Whybrew
Certified Flight Instructor

Why Fly Inc.
Fortville , IN 46040

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Paul & Susie incorporated in 2008, although Paul has been a PPC instructor since 1999.  Paul is a retired school counselor willing to customize the flight experience to meet the interest and needs of those who wish to experience one of the most enjoyable ways to fly.

In the 80’s, one of Paul’s friends owned a Paraplane and invited Paul to get the training to solo the slowest of ultralight experimental aircraft.  However, it wasn’t until Buckeye Powered Parachutes built two-seaters that Paul and his wife, Susie took their introductory flights.  They were hooked!

Paul bought a ‘99’ Buckeye Dream Machine PPC, powered by a 65 HP Rotax 2-cycle engine.  Fly-ins quickly became a way to meet new friends and gain skills through competitive events.  After flying in a couple of fun-filled, exciting events at the 1999 National PPC Competition (KIMO), Paul placed no lower than third place in 6 national competition events.                                       

The changes that have come about with the addition of the Light Sport Aircraft category and the Sport Pilot license required to fly two-seat PPCs did not diminish the desire for Paul to continue to share the experience of ‘low and slow’ flight with others.  Paul is one of the few PPC instructors to purchase the required equipment and to have taken the training required to keep a current FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.


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